Center for Latin American Studies

Established in 1964, the Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS) at the University of Pittsburgh develops and coordinates resources on Latin America and the Caribbean that contribute to training experts on the region through high quality programs of graduate and undergraduate education. The Center also provides information and assistance to the business and professional communities and the general public through it's outreach program.

CLAS is one of the most outstanding programs of its kind in the nation, designated as a National Resource Center (NRC) on Latin America by the US Department of Education. CLAS' programs cover all of the Latin American and Caribbean region. The expertise of its associated faculty members clusters around the Andean countries, Argentina, Brazil, the Caribbean Basin, Central America, and Mexico. There are 66 core faculty members who form the Center's teaching and research nucleus; they offer approximately 250 language and aera studies courses in eighteen departments and schools each academic year. Another 62 faculty, many of whom are in the health professions, natural sciences and engineering, have broad interests and experience in the region. Pittsburgh's Eduardo Lozano Latin American Library Collection includes exceptional resources on Bolivia and Cuba as well as extensive holdings on Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, and Venezuela. CLAS offers graduate and undergraduate interdisciplinary certificates and an undergraduate related concentration (similar to a minor) in Latin American studies in conjunction with the academic or professional degree in the student's major field.

As a National Resource Center on Latin America, CLAS provides opportunities for cultural and educational experiences that realistically reflect Latin America and the Caribbean to the K-12 educational community, college and university faculty, business and professional communities as well as to the general public as part of its Outreach (Educational Public Service) mission. In fulfilling this mission, CLAS offers K-12 professional development workshops designed to enhance Spanish language and social studies educators' teaching abilities on this world region and to assist them in globalizing the curriculum of primary and secondary schools. These workshops are approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education for Act 48 continuing education credit. CLAS sponsors seminars, workshops and summer research fellowships for faculty from area colleges and universities. CLAS also works with the International Business Center of the Katz Graduate School of Business to provide programs, information, speakers, and other services to the business community in the region. In cooperation with local educational and arts organizations, the Center sponsors cultural programs for the general public including an annual festival, art exhibits, performances, film series and lectures. The current director of the Center for Latin American Studies is Dr. Kathleen Musante DeWalt, professor of anthropology and public health.

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