East Asian Studies Center


The East Asian Studies Center (EASC) at The Ohio State University strives to be a catalyst for original thought and action in the study of East Asia in Ohio, in the U.S., and around the world. Combining our unique expertise with that of the extensive partnerships we've formed both domestically and internationally, the East Asian Studies Center:

  • SPARKS innovative research and instruction on East Asia's past, present and future to further knowledge of East Asia and its impact on the world.
  • FORGES interdisciplinary connections across fields and regions to spur collaborative approaches to East Asia with partners in academia, government, the arts, business and media.
  • INITIATES programs to inspire life-long learning about and appreciation of East Asia from K-12 onward to higher education and into the workforce.

EASC and its constituent units, the Institute for Chinese Studies, the Institute for Japanese Studies, and the Institute for Korean Studies, are led by a team of faculty directors and staffed by professionals with experience in program administration and backgrounds in East Asian studies. With a membership of 60 faculty members and lecturers in 16 departments and professional schools at OSU, EASC also has more than 200 graduate student affiliates doing work on East Asia in various fields. Beyond the campus, EASC has 330 affiliated faculty members and instructors in other Ohio institutions.