Asian/Pacific Studies Institute

The Asian/Pacific Studies Institute (APSI) is the focal point of research and teaching on the Asian/Pacific region at Duke University. Started in 1981, today APSI has more than 30 full-time faculty members at Duke and 20 affiliated faculty members from regional universities. It is the largest center for research and teaching on East Asia in the Southeast.

APSI supports a dynamic group of faculty drawn from a variety of disciplines and is unique in the range of interdisciplinary interests of the faculty. In addition to the MA program, APSI, in conjunction with other academic programs on campus, also offers undergraduate students opportunities to travel and do research throughout the Asian/Pacific region. APSI helps develop various curricular activities in the larger community of schools and colleges and provides resources for the study of East Asia.

APSI also administers the Global East Asia Studies Center, a Title VI National Resource Center funded by the U.S. Department of Education. The Center sponsors conferences, research, and teaching initiatives on a regular basis. Current initiatives include programs and workshops on environmentalism, gender and rural development in transitional economies, globalization and transnationalism, mass culture and technology, population and demographic studies, security studies, and social movements.