Council on East Asian Studies

The Council on East Asian Studies (CEAS) at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut was founded in 1961 and continues a long tradition of East Asian Studies at Yale. CEAS provides an important forum for academic exploration and support related to the study of China, Japan, and Korea. For over forty years, it has promoted education about East Asia both in the college curricula and through lectures and workshops, conferences, cultural events, and educational activities open to faculty, students, and the general public. CEAS has been designated a National Resource Center for the study of East Asian languages and cultures by the United States Department of Education.

CEAS is one of the many programs and initiatives at the Whitney and Betty MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies at Yale.

With more than twenty core faculty and twenty language instructors spanning twelve departments on campus, East Asian Studies remains one of Yale's most extensive area studies programs. Its interdisciplinary emphasis encourages collaborative linkages across fields and departments and contributes to diversity across the curricula and in the classroom. Approximately one hundred and fifty courses on East Asia in the humanities and social sciences are offered each year.

CEAS administers Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Master of Arts (MA) Programs. While the BA Program focuses on Chinese and Japanese Studies, students are also able to take courses related to Korea. The MA Program focuses on Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Studies. CEAS continues to develop ways to expand Korean Studies in both the undergraduate and graduate curricula. In 1999, the Council initiated a Postdoctoral Associates Program, bringing talented individuals into the community of scholars at Yale to conduct research and teach advanced undergraduate seminars.

In addition to supporting Chinese, Japanese, and Korean language curriculum development, CEAS encourages study of East Asian languages at approved programs abroad through the Richard U. Light Fellowship and other funding sources. It promotes development of language initiatives such as Directed Language Study in least-taught languages; Foreign Language Across the Curriculum offerings such as Japanese- and Chinese-language sections for survey courses; and web-based language training.

East Asian Studies endowments make it possible for CEAS to support Yale graduate student conferences, student organization programming, and over 40 student research projects per year. Every year CEAS also welcomes domestic and international scholars to campus as guest lecturers, visiting fellows, research scholars, and professors.

CEAS is committed to providing leadership in the study and understanding of East Asia on campus and in the region through support of educational and outreach activities with emphasis on joint endeavors across institutions both regionally and internationally. Study and research in East Asian Studies at Yale are supported by one of the finest library collections in the country. The Chinese, Japanese, and Korean language print resources in the East Asia Library at Sterling Memorial Library constitute one of the oldest and largest collections found outside of East Asia.